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Sealing the deal with your proposal is a cinch with our expertly designed Proposify Templates. All of our fully-editable designs include video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through customizing the style for your brand.

Proposify Templates

Aperture Proposify Template

Catch your clients’ eye with Aperture, a professional and modern Proposify template designed for professional photography.

Acute Proposify Template

Bright and quirky, the Acute Proposify template captures your business’ personality while still clearly communicating your message.

Tacet Proposify Template

Tacet is a simple-to-edit free Proposify template with beautiful, easy-to-read typography and a minimalist design.

Vassal Proposify Template

Nothing exudes dignity and professionalism like Vassal, a Proposify template designed for accountants and lawyers.

Staccato Proposify Template

Staccato is a highly energetic, bold, and electrifying Proposify template design that is sure to impress and win your company business.

Salutation Proposify Template

Light and feminine, with ample space to showcase photography, videography, or graphic art, Salutation is a standout Proposify template.

Passport Proposify Template

Showcase breathtaking vistas and the journey that your customer is about to embark on with this travel and events Proposify template.

Octavo Proposify Template

Octavo is an energizing and vibrant Proposify Template that helps you showcase your product offering with a variety of sell sheets.

Marble Proposify Template

Create an impactful showcase for your venue with Marble, a template custom-crafted for venue event hosts and property owners.

Ivy Proposify Template

Built specifically for landscaping, Ivy gives your Proposify bids an attention-grabbing touch.

Worcester Proposify Template

Dazzle your prospects with Worcester, an open-house flyer presentation template for Proposify.

Heartbeat Proposify Template

Connect with your patients and clients with Heartbeat, a Proposify template custom-designed to showcase your professional health services.

Haze Proposify Template

Project your experience and stability with Haze, a Proposify template designed for professional services.

Flashbulb Proposify Template

Craft a memorable proposal with Flashbulb, a Proposify template design crafted for photographers.

Entourage Proposify Template

Dazzle your prospects with Entourage, a highly visual and photography-driven template that showcases your services in a stunning display.

Encore Proposify Template

Stand out with Encore, a bold and impressive multipurpose Proposify template that helps you win repeat business.

Blueprint Proposify Template

Create a firm foundation with Blueprint, a Proposify template designed for contractors and architects.

Arioso Proposify Template

With heaps of layouts to choose from, Arioso is a highly adaptable, multipurpose Proposify template for your business. 

Impact Proposify Template

Bold and minimalist, with space to showcase photography, videography, or graphic art, Impact helps you showcase your work with Proposify.

Vinaigrette Proposify Template

Cater to your clients’ needs with Vinaigrette, a sumptuous Proposify template for food services and events.

Vienna Proposify Template

Easily create and send beautiful open house flyers through Proposify using Vienna.

How It Works

Our expertly designed Proposify Templates are easy to set up and customize for your brand. All of our templates include step-by-step video tutorials on how to edit the design.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Purchase your template.
  2. Send us your Proposify Account Info.
  3. Follow along with the video tutorial to customize the fonts, colors, and images of your new proposal template to match your brand.
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