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Proposify Pro


This online course delves deep into how to create an automated proposal system that works 24/7 to boost your bottom line. Learn how to master the top proposal techniques that will put you miles ahead of the competition.

What's included?

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Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Module 1: Content Management
Templates vs Proposals
Overview of Sections
Creating a Section
Saving and Retrieving Sections
Examples of Practical Uses for Sections
Snippets and Fees
Effectively Organizing Your Content
Content Workflow Worksheet
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Module 2: Proposify Pipeline Management
The Proposal Snapshot
Proposal Status and Archiving
Streams, Tags, and Searching
Pipeline Metrics
Module 3: Custom Fields
Custom Fields
Module 4: Signatures and Sending
Signatures and Sending Made Simple
Nature and Use of Recipient Links
Advanced Signature and Delivery Workflows
Client Input Fields
Customizing Email Templates
Customizing the Client Preview
Module 5: Roles and Permissions
Overview of Roles and Workspaces
Creating a Workspace
Settings Permissions on Templates and Content Library Assets
Requiring Approval Before Sending
Weird Edge Cases and Other Settings
Module 6: Integrations
Integrations Introduction
Import Contacts
Field Mapping and Dynamic Fee Tables
Repository of Knowledgebase Articles