Proposify Bootcamp by Belt Creative

Proposify Bootcamp

This free online course is the comprehensive beginner's guide to using Proposify. Learn how to create, customize, and send stunning proposals.

Learn to create & send winning proposals with Proposify

After training 100+ businesses on how to use Proposify to win more business, we've distilled our knowledge into this beginner-friendly online course to teach you the software step-by-step.
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Master using the Proposify Editor for your proposals

Proposify offers a suite of tools to customize and edit your proposals. We'll walk you through using each one, and give you our pro tips on the extra features of each tool.
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Save heaps of time with Proposify Templates

Proposify templates are a wonderful way to speed up your proposal sending process. We'll show you where to find the best templates and how to create your own.
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By the time you've completed this free Proposify online course for beginners, you'll be fully trained on how to...

  • Create and customize your Proposify account and workspace.
  • Invite your team, add your clients, and organize your data to automate your proposals.
  • Find the best Proposify templates for your business and keep them backed up... just in case.
  • Use the Proposify Editor to customize templates, add new pages, embed images and video, and so much more.
  • Create, customize, and send stunning proposals to your customers so you can seal the deal!
When you enroll in this course, you gain instant access to video tutorials and bonus resources for learning all the essential tools that Proposify offers to speed up your proposal process and get you more sales!
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What's included in Proposify Bootcamp?

Video Icon 22 videos Text Icon 4 text files

Course Overview

Start Here
Welcome to the Course!
1 min
Proposify Terminology
Proposify Resources
Module 1: Proposify Basics
Creating Your Account
1 min
Adding Users
1 min
Adding Clients
2 mins
Customizing Your Workspace
2 mins
Module 2: Proposify Templates & Proposals
Proposify Templates & Proposals Overview
2 mins
Where to Find Proposify Templates
2 mins
Backing Up Your Template
1 min
Creating Proposals
1 min
Creating Templates from Proposals
1 min
Sending Proposals
1 min
Module 3: The Proposify Editor
Proposify Editor Overview
8 mins
Design Editor & Page Layouts
11 mins
Proposal Sections
7 mins
Proposal Variables
6 mins
Proposal Repeaters
6 mins
Text Tool
4 mins
7 mins
Shapes & Lines
2 mins
3 mins
14 mins
4 mins
Next Steps
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About Belt Creative

Belt Creative is a certified Proposify partner that specializes in helping businesses supercharge their sales using Proposify's powerful tools.
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