Proposify Terminology

Proposify, as a powerful and flexible software, contains an entire zeitgeist of terminology. We're here to help define the most popular terms so that you can refer back to this if you have a question about the language of Proposify.

Individual documents that you send to your clients to receive feedback and signatures on.

Blueprints that are used as starting points for the proposals that you create.

The Proposify Editor
The design tool that you use to edit your proposals and templates.

Snippets of text that can update themselves from proposal by referencing your data, your client's data, or data stored in the proposal (such as your client's name, the price, the name of the proposal, etc).

Design elements in a proposal that repeat on every page. These can be used to create a header and footer that's consistent throughout the entire proposal.

Content Library
The content library houses all of the content that you put in your proposal. Within the Content Library, there is also the Section Library (proposal sections), the Fee Library (stored fees), the Image Library (uploaded images), and the Snippet Library (stored text snippets).

Proposal Sections
The individual collections of pages that make up a proposal. They divide your proposal into "chapters" and automatically create a table of contents for anyone who views the sent proposal.

Fee Tables
Tables in Proposify that calculate fees and contribute to the proposal total.

Content Tables
Tables that allow you to insert text and images, providing structure to your content. These tables cannot calculate fees and do not contribute to the proposal total. 

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