The Ultimate Business Proposal Planning Kit by Belt Creative

The Ultimate Business Proposal Planning Kit

This kit is packed with step-by-step proposal planning templates. By using the resources in this kit, you'll be well equipped to create a winning business proposal that takes just minutes to put together, and is optimized to win more sales.

Skip the scramble.

Proposals can take a lot of time to send: you've got to assemble a quote, get contract specifics in order, and revise the introduction sixteen times until it's just right. But you don't have time - your competitors are chasing after this lead, and at some point it's just going to become first come, first served. You need to get a proposal out now, and you need it to be good. This kit will help you with precisely that.
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Prep your proposal like a pro.

Wouldn't it be so much faster if your knew every detail of your proposal before you even started? Only had to connect the dots to get a working draft going? This kit combines some of our best resources into a step-by-step kit that profiles your ideal client, helps you gather terrific testimonials, and breaks down your proposal to its fundamental parts, so that actually writing is almost a matter of checking off boxes.
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Approach your next proposal with confidence.

Stop meandering around and get things figured out.  Get informed, get prepared, and get that proposal out at record speeds.
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This kit includes...

The Dream Client Workbook

Our step-by-step guide for learning about who you're writing to, what they want, and how best to make a sale to them.
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The Ultimate Testimonial Planner

These scripts and prompts will walk you through the steps of gathering and refining reviews from your past clients, which you can then use to bolster your proposal's authority.
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Proposal Content Planner

This comprehensive workbook will break down your proposal's goals, assets, and structure, and set you on your way to having your copy drafted out.
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For best results, use this kit with Proposify.

While the advice and guides included in this kit are applicable for proposals no matter what software you use, you'll get the most out of it if you use Proposify, which is a fantastic software for creating and sending winning proposals. You can sign up for a 14-day trial at this link.
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What's included?

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